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Ferroli Bluehelix HiTech RRT 24C Combi Boiler & Vertical Flue

Ferroli Bluehelix HiTech RRT 24C Combi Boiler & Vertical Flue

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Ferroli Bluehelix HiTech RRT 24C Combi Boiler & Vertical Flue

The latest new improved Bluehelix models from the award-winning Bluehelix family of boilers are now available in the UK. Energy efficient, reliable, durable and affordable.

It’s quick and easy to achieve optimum comfort thanks to the smart new user interface with ‘CapSense’ touch screen technology and large 2.8” graphic display. 

The boiler is also designed to deliver even greater comfort by connecting to a second room thermostat for multi-zone heating control. 

The meticulous design of the BLUEHELIX HITECH RRT has achieved significant values in terms of silence and acoustic comfort, making it almost impossible to distinguish the noise of the boiler during normal operation from the background noise of a home. 

The on/off transistors have also been optimised to operate so quietly that it is hard to tell from the sound level whether the boiler is on or off. 

It’s also aesthetically pleasing, with a new user-friendly 3-piece removable casing that extends to cover the pipe connections. 

7 year warranty as standard

The Bluehelix HiTech RRT comes with a valuable 7 year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty, provided it is fitted with a high performance magnetic filter and is serviced annually.* 

*Warranty terms and conditions can be downloaded at


Product benefits 

> High thickness stainless steel primary heat exchanger with large passes to guarantee long life, reduced maintenance and high efficiency, even on existing heating systems 

MC2: Multi Combustion Control, a new combustion system with industrial-derived gas adaptive patented technology that automatically adapts the level of combustion as the flue or gas conditions change 

> MGR: Multi Gas Ready. With a simple configuration the boiler can run on natural gas or LPG without using additional conversion kits 

> Unique exchanger-burner system with self-cooling door. Less consumable parts simplifies maintenance and lowers costs 

> Instantaneous production of domestic hot water with a dedicated DHW plate exchanger 

> Hydraulic fittings covered by the boiler casing 

> Large multi-purpose backlit graphic display allows for parameters to be set easily and correctly 

> Boiler bypass only (would still need system bypass if required by building regulations) 

> Designed to simplify routine servicing and maintenance procedures 

> ECO function in DHW mode for more savings when only short bursts of hot water are being used 

Fast and efficient DHW delivery

24C 11.7l/min at Δt 30˚C