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Kontrol Mini Moisture Trap - Linen Scent

Kontrol Mini Moisture Trap - Linen Scent

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Kontrol Mini Moisture Trap - Linen Scent

The Mini Moisture Traps help to freshen air and absorb damp and are perfect for use in small and confined spaces.

They can absorb up-to 100ml of moisture and will last for 6-8 weeks in typical ambient conditions. Their Spill proof design makes them safe for use throughout households and they are ideal for: small rooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, cupboards and cars.

The system is noiseless and requires no electricity or batteries, begins working straight away and provides you with a safe disposable solution. The hygroscopic Krystals attract moisture like a magnet does iron filings and help to remove excess moisture preventing condensation, mould, mildew and unsightly damp.

Always read instructions on product packaging before use.