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Very Large Axle Stand 17" - 22"

Very Large Axle Stand 17" - 22"

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Very Large Axle Stand 17" - 22"

Height Range17" - 22"  / 43.2cm - 55.9cm

Jaw Width - 85mm

Load Rating - 4000KG

Why buy our axle stands?

• We're a full NCC member

• Load test certification available on request

• Individually weight stamped

• Full welds - we don't use spot welds

• Zinc plated for superior rust resistance

Additional Information

Static caravan axle stands are used to site and level static caravans and lodges. They can be easily adjusted to ensure that the caravan is perfectly level. We recommend using axle stands on a solid base such as concrete to ensure stability. If you're unsure which size axle stand or the amount you require please contact us for advice.