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Adax Neo Wifi 1200W Electric Panel Wall Heater

Adax Neo Wifi 1200W Electric Panel Wall Heater

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Adax Neo Wifi 1200W Electric Panel Wall Heater

Model: NEOH12KWT


  •  Width: 984mm
  •  Height: 330mm
  •  Depth: 87mm


  • 230v AC


  • 1200 Watts


  • Stylish Digital Flat Panel Heater - The ADAX Neo's Modern, minimalist and slimline design looks great in any interior. The discrete, slimline design keeps the heater flat to the wall. Meaning that its unobtrusive and blends nicely with your interior.
  • WiFi Control - Smart WiFi Heater, Connects with your home WiFI router. Control your heating from home, or while one the go, with your mobile phone.
  • Plug Fitted, Simple Brackets - Easy Install - To make the heater easy to install as possible, its comes with a simple bracket system and 3 pin plug attached. Simply plug in and enjoy. The light weight body of the means that its much easier to handle than a Central heated or oil filled Radiator. You'll have the heater installed, enjoying a cup of tea, in no time at all.
  • Digital Thermostat  - New electric thermostat precisely monitors the room temperature. What this means is the heater will keep the room exact at the temperature you set. Adding more heat at the slightest drop in temperature and cutting out as soon as the room warms up again.
  • Programmable Timer - Manually adjusting your heating is a nightmare. Nobody wants to leave their heating on or come home to a cold home. Which is why using the a timer is so important. With the Neo you can programme the heating to come on and off throughout the day to fit around your schedule.
  • Open Window Detection - When you open a window, the chances are you're trying to cool the room down rather than heat it. "Open window" technology automatically stops the heater heating so your not wasting energy.
  • Adaptive Heating Start - The Adaptive start "intelligently" learns the optimum time to begin heating. Measuring how long is needed to warm up the room. Then using that information to work out when best to begin heating, so that the room reaches the desired temperature at the set time.
  • Erp Eco Design Compliant - Energy efficient and Fully Eco design Lot20 compliant.